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TIPS at Sancta Maria – A Journey of Friendship, Learning, and Cultural Discovery

In the heart of Hyderabad, the journey of TIPS (The Indian Public School, Salem) at Sancta Maria unfolded like a vibrant story, weaving together the tapestry of education, cultural exploration, and heartfelt connections.

As the TIPS group touched down at the Hyderabad airport, anticipation filled the air. From the warm welcome to the guided tour of Sancta Maria’s impressive campus, the children couldn’t help but marvel at the promise of the days ahead.

Their first day was a sensory delight, starting with the Hyderabad’s most famous aromatic Paradise Biryani. The group immersed themselves in the rich history at the Salar Jung Museum, creating memories against the backdrop of ancient artefacts and tales of times gone by.

Shopping was the order of the day near Charminar in the evening. The children, fuelled by excitement, explored the city, tasted local delights, and shared laughter under the starlit sky.

As the sun rose on the second day, TIPS students became a part of Sancta Maria, meeting their grade 5 peers. The integration was seamless, with the school’s welcoming atmosphere fostering new friendships and shared experiences. Lessons were not confined to classrooms but extended to the school corridors, where buddies guided them through the labyrinth of learning.

The afternoons were a symphony of sights, sounds, and flavours. NTR Gardens, Necklace Road, and Lumbini Park painted a picturesque backdrop as laughter echoed against the cityscape.

Golkonda Fort unfolded its historical tale, and the children, like time travellers, explored its secrets. The sound and light show became a mesmerising chapter, etching memories into their young hearts. Dinner under the stars near Necklace Road became a culinary journey, with the taste of Hyderabad lingering on their taste buds.

In the days that followed, TIPS students became a part of the regular Sancta Maria routine, wearing Sancta Maria uniform, attending classes, making discoveries, and blending seamlessly into the school’s academic tapestry. Birla Planetarium and Science Museum opened new dimensions, and the Birla Mandir visit added a touch of spirituality to their journey.

With each passing day, students experienced the warmth of Hyderabad, both in its people and its weather. The classrooms were not merely spaces for learning; they embraced nature, cultivating an environment that stimulated both minds and senses.

The emotional farewell neared, and TIPS students reflected on their transformative journey. Professional exchanges and shared insights left an indelible mark on their educational outlook. Amidst heartfelt goodbyes and promises to stay connected, the children departed with enriched minds and full hearts.

As they boarded the buses for their final adventure at Ramoji Film City, the TIPS group knew that their journey had been more than a visit. It was a chapter in their educational story, filled with a profound exchange of knowledge. Leaving suggestions for more greenery and vibrant life in classrooms, TIPS students took a piece of Hyderabad with them, eager to share their stories and memories with those back home. The final day wrapped up with a visit to Chow Mahalla Palace, a touch of Charminar, and a bittersweet farewell, marking the end of an unforgettable chapter in the TIPS journey at Sancta Maria.

Reflecting on his stay at Sancta Maria, Jackson James, a student of TIPS shares his gratitude and appreciation.

 “First and foremost, the school environment is truly welcoming and conducive to learning. The atmosphere is filled with positive energy, and the teachers are not just educators but kind mentors.

 The sports facilities at the school are exceptional. From traditional to classic board games there is never a dull moment. The inclusion of popular sports like badminton, basketball, and tennis adds a dynamic element to the daily routine.

 One of the highlights of my stay has been the friendships I’ve formed. Smile, Suhas, and Aarush have become my new buddies, and their support and companionship have added a special dimension to my time here.

 Lastly, I cannot forget to express my gratitude to the new teachers I’ve had the pleasure of learning from at Sancta Maria School.

 I wholeheartedly rate Sancta Maria School 10 out of 10. Thank you to everyone at the school for your kindness, and support, and for making this week an unforgettable experience. Thank you all!”