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International Learning Opportunity for Students

Go Beyond. Expand your Horizons

Sancta Maria International School is a member of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), one of the largest education groups in the world with 77 schools and a presence in 23 countries. Due to this global presence, our students have the opportunity to take part in several global programs and events.

As a global group of schools, ISP ensures our students have access to a broader international community, offering additional learning and cultural opportunities within a safe and secure environment.

At the International Schools Partnership (ISP), we prioritize learning, aiming to provide the best learning opportunities possible! As students progress in their journey, we genuinely believe it is essential for them to experience learning outside the classroom and connect with other ISP students worldwide. As a global group of schools, we ensure our students have access to a broader international community, offering additional learning and cultural opportunities within a safe and secure environment.

The ILOS offer amazing learning experiences that empower our students to:
  • Connect and share with other ISP students from different countries, fostering friendships.
  • Enhance their language and communication skills.
  • Apply learning in contexts outside the formal curriculum.
  • Acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding of various cultures and traditions.
  • Cultivate transferable skills such as critical thinking, confidence, teamwork, and leadership.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Evolve into more responsible global citizens.

Our students around the world currently engage in the following International Learning Opportunities

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Age Range
5 - 18

ISP Changemakers, previously known as ISP Futures, gives schools tools and methodologies for the development of projects focused on social impact that will enable communities to take action to address strategic issues that are relevant to their community and the future of it.

Age Range
5 - 18

ISP Artists encourages the artistic exploration of ISP students by providing them with guided activities to inspire their creative expression. Their work is then curated and shared in virtual spaces and schools through exhibitions.

Age Range
5 - 18

ISP Chess Masters, previously known as ISP Chess Tournament, grows students’ skills and teamwork by connecting them with other ISP students to play fast chess in online and in-person tournaments in local, regional and global contexts.

Age Range
14 - 18

ISP Cultural Exchange, previously known as ISP Buddy Exchange Programme, encourages the reciprocal exchange across regions where ISP schools are located. The aim is to offer students with opportunity to experience a culture different from their own through a home stay and attending another ISP school for a month.

Age Range
12 - 18

ISP filmmakers complete a four-month course learning about everything from storyboarding to special effects in sessions delivered by experts from the film industry.

Age Range
13 - 18

ISP MUN supports students as they learn about diplomacy, international relations, research techniques, public speaking and debating, resulting in becoming delegates in online and in person Model United Nations Committees.

Age Range
11 - 18 years

ISP Virtual Exchange, previously known as ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange Programme, enables classrooms to do a reciprocal virtual exchange of interactive activities with other ISP schools around the globe.

Age Range
5 - 18 years

Street Child United (SCU) is the official charity partner of ISP. They do amazing work campaigning for the rights and protection of street-connected young people. ISP schools support and promote SCU’s work through initiatives to raise awareness, as well as fundraising activities.

Age Range
8 - 18

ISP Scientists, previously known as I am an ISP Scientist, provides a unique opportunity for ISP students to become citizen scientists and contribute to real-world STEM research projects like mapping the journey of missing plastic waste or tracking their habits to measure their environmental impact.