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Life at sancta maria

As a Cambridge International school, we introduce Cambridge Early Years in Early Years 1 and use the Cambridge curriculum all the way till Grade 12. We use CEM baseline assessments, progression tests and offer Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Checkpoints. At the end of Grade 10, students write the IGCSE examinations and at the end of Grade 11 and 12, they appear for Cambridge International AS and A Levels respectively. Offering all 5 stages of the Cambridge curriculum – Early Years, Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary and Advanced enables smooth progression for learners from one stage to the next, and provides consistency of pedagogical and assessment approaches.

Well-being and Happiness

At Sancta Maria, we give priority to student and staff well-being and happiness. We take utmost care to ensure safety of children and do not allow any visitor without a valid pick-up card to meet or interact with any student. The school offers a pleasant infrastructure with well-appointed classrooms, play areas, library, art and music rooms, science and ICT labs as per Cambridge standards, spacious and hygienic dining area, counselling room and infirmary. Our open air amphitheatre is a hub of vibrant activities and witness to the myriad talents demonstrates by our students. Our tree house nestled in the branches of the tamarind tree is a treat for students and visitors alike. We value the special bond between children and their families and welcome parents and grandparents to our premises on special occasions.