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Sancta Maria International School


Students belong to one of the four houses – Draco, Leo, Aquila and Taurus – and they remain within their respective house during their tenure in the school. There is a friendly yet healthy competition between the Houses through a range of competitions and activities held throughout the school year. A wide variety of events such as Words Fray, Scientifique, Contentio Mathematica, Sports tournaments, Music, Dance, Debates, etc. take place as House competitions. The points secured in these competitions contribute to the grand, fiercely fought-over House Trophy, which is presented in the final Assembly of the year.



Aquila signifies bravery and a winning attitude. We strive to win every competition and are incredibly determined and driven by the spirit to compete. Aquila’s symbol is the mighty eagle; symbolic because it represents honesty, bravery, courage, and unity. These are the qualities that motivate our house members to break through any obstacle. Aquila’s colour is blue which signifies wisdom, calmness, and inspiration. We can be stubborn and reckless, but at the same time, we are strong and determined.



Draco is a daring house, with polite personalities. We strive for glory, working together as a team. Draco is represented by the risk-taking creatures that dragons are symbolise power, courage, unity and wisdom. These qualities help motivate and encourage us to be strong no matter what adversity they face. Draco’s colour is green, representing peace and tranquillity. Draco’s determination and perseverance is what makes it a force to be reckoned. We can be intransigent and adamant but at the same time are resourceful natural-born leaders.



Leo.The first thing that comes to mind when we hear Leo is the lion and like lions, we are the pride of Sancta Maria: versatile, brave and most of all, loyal. Yellow signifies happiness, energy and confidence. Bright and visible from a distance, members of House Leo tend to be the best at what they do, standing out from the crowd.



Taurus. This Latin word for bull signifies strength, honesty, audacity, and perseverance. Whatever we do, we do it with tenacity and put our 100% into it, be it academic, sports, music, or dance. Teamwork is our major strength and it outweighs the everything else. Like a bull, we charge head-on at any task no matter the difficulty and don’t give up until we are done. In the end no matter the result, we lift our heads with strength and pride.