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Tripping over a grand museum

Tripping over a grand museum

We went to the Salar Jung Museum on a school field trip on 10 August 2022. We travelled on our school bus and reached the museum in an hour.

First, we visited a room with many beautiful paintings. Besides many other artworks, we saw a replica of the Mona Lisa and were amazed by her mesmerising smile. Next, we went to the Japanese and Chinese galleries where we saw precious bone china vessels of different shapes and designs.

Then, we headed to the weapon gallery that had displays of guns, swords and shields. We also saw a huge musical clock that runs without electricity. Next, we went to a big room with royal furniture. It was very majestic. We ate our lunch sitting together with friends. There was fun, laughter and delight on this trip to the museum.

Finally, we boarded the bus for our return journey carrying with us sweet memories of a fun day. We were all very tired and exhausted. At the same time, we were all so excited as we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We got a peek into our history while having fun with friends. I wish we have many more such field trips!!

– By Naisha Jain ( 3D )

Tripping over a grand museum