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Tech Talks

Tech Talks with Tanishka Pasumarthi

Hi Tanishka! Thank you so much for taking out time to answer our questions today! Can you tell us a little about yourself, your time at Sancta Maria, your experience with A Levels and your hobbies?

My name is Tanishka Nath Pasumarthi and I am a proud alumna of Sancta Maria International School from the years 2018-2019. I am currently in the third year of my Engineering degree in Artificial Intelligence and DataScience at ICFAI University.

Where do I begin with my time at Sancta? It has been my favourite time of my life so far. Before I moved to India, I was living in Botswana. I studied at Sancta Maria from grade 10 up until I graduated. Growing up in Botswana was evidently different from the lifestyle here. Sancta Maria really played an important role in helping me comfortably make this drastic change in my life. I can truthfully say I have gained a holistic educational experience. Experiences like being Head Girl for two years, conducting and anchoring school events, and interacting with respected individuals, helped me unlock hidden attributes in myself I was yet to discover. I became really comfortable with my stage presence especially since I used to be a total introvert who would never dream of even stepping on a stage.

I love to write and I had the opportunity to pursue my writing in school.

A levels were the most challenging part of my education. Cambridge allows you to reap all the fruits of a wholesome education but it requires a whole lot of commitment. I’m thankful for doing A levels, because once I got to university I really understood the value of this curriculum. It put me one step ahead of my peers.

Can you tell us about your college, your course and why you chose it?

I am studying in ICFAI University in ICFAI TECH. I am pursuing an Engineering degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. I’ve always had a knack for anything related to technology, more specifically computer-related. I found myself enjoying my Information and Technology classes in Sancta Maria, compared to my other engineering-related subjects so I realised that this could be something I could look into for the future. After much confusion in deciding what degree I wanted to pursue I came across the degree for AI & DS. Specifically, Data Science caught my attention as I wanted to pursue a career in Data Analysis if I were to do engineering as my degree. Though AI & DS is currently the next big thing in technology, it is almost captivating the way technology is evolving with it. The more I am studying this course the more I’m enjoying it!

What was the application process like?

The application process was very friendly. I wrote an entrance exam called ATIT to acquire a seat in AI & DS which was the most popular yet difficult course they had to offer. To get this branch in ICFAI Tech your rank had to be in the top 100 so my preparation process took some dedication.

The entrance exam was challenging but adequately covered core engineering subjects like Maths, Physics, and Chemistry as well as English language and Logical reasoning. The three-hour-long paper was surprisingly pleasant for a student from the background of the Cambridge curriculum. I found that the well-versed curriculum we are taught in AS and A levels, made me tackle questions efficiently and quickly. I also came to understand how acknowledged the Cambridge curriculum is in India when applying for universities or colleges here. They deemed the curriculum to be a well-rounded education for a student in comparison to CBSE.

Now, in my third year of BTech in AI & DS, I am currently doing my specialization with passionate and experienced lecturers that are making this futuristic progression of technology be thoroughly grasped. This will allow me to have

my foundation for my master’s degree in the near future that I am also looking forward to.

Lastly, a word of advice for high school seniors?

As cliche as this saying may be but trust me it is the most accurate saying that is said by everyone; “embrace and relish your school years as much as you can because these are the most memorable years of your life”.

Take it from someone who is a recent graduate from Sancta Maria. School is the warmest place that you will ever be in because you feel as though you are a part of a big family.

You must take advantage of the time you have there and aspire for all the things within your reach. Be bold and get out of your comfort zone to break through from whatever may be stopping you. Be an opportunist and build yourself into someone you want to be by doing things that will develop your personality.

Get into leadership and lead truthfully and use the platform as your very own way to develop leadership skills. These skills will be so useful for your future. Strive for only the best and be a responsible student in your academics and any extracurricular activities. Take every challenge as it comes and challenge yourself to triumph.

Most of all, make as many memories as you can with your teachers and your friends. Of course, academics should be your priority, but it is equally important to focus on your self-development as well. This will mold you into a responsible individual who will be ever so ready to face the world. After all, your grades will only be on a piece of paper somewhere at home but what you will be carrying with you every single moment of the day is who you really are and that is a much bolder statement than any mark sheet. In conclusion, work on yourself, take time to be the person you will be proud of in the future!

I wish all the seniors good luck in their exciting endeavors for the future!