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Early Years

Early years (Nursery, EY1, EY2)

The Cambridge Early Years programme offers a holistic and play-way approach that focuses on the whole child and their development. The aim of Early Years education is to provide a strong foundation for all-around development and lifelong learning. 

The programme is built on the five key principles: Experience, Active, Balance, Play and Transition. 

Cambridge Early Years curriculum is designed to promote progression in learning from Nursery to Early Years 2 and later into primary education. It allows the development of knowledge, understanding and skills through a spiral approach. 

The curriculum provides a structure for teaching and learning in three stages: Nursery, Early Years 1 (EY1) and Early Years 2 (EY2). 

The curriculum content is divided into six subject areas: 

  1. Communication, language & literacy 
  2. Creative expression 
  3. Mathematics 
  4. Personal, social & emotional development 
  5. Physical development 
  6. Understanding the world 

At Sancta Maria, we also introduce Global Perspectives in the latter half of EY2.