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An open letter to teachers all over the world.

An open letter to teachers all over the world.

Dear Teachers,

I bow in respect and awe to the guide, facilitator, director, actor, parent, friend, counsellor, babysitter, coach, caretaker in YOU. I am proud to witness, on a daily basis, the lightbulb moments you create with your craft – the neurons you fire; the hearts you warm; the minds you ignite. Because of you, I have come to love the work I do and for that, I honour you. The eloquent words below are a befitting tribute to the brave work you do.

The pebble never knows how far the ripple’s reach is, but you start your heart each day and learn things about yourself like you were an empty bucket and every student a wishing well. They say those who seek to teach never cease to learn. You teach for the moment everything catches fire and finally starts to burn.” (Adapted from Taylor Mali’s ‘I Teach for the Fire’).

It will do if you raise your voice for recognition and rewards; it will not do if you raise your voice at a child who cannot understand what you’ve just taught. It will do if you give up an evening or two; it will not do if you give up on a learner who is falling behind. Yes, your job is strenuous and not all days are awesome. Remember though, no professional can be as confident as you about the potential of their work and words to transform lives. You shape dreams and aspirations. You touch the future!

So, pat yourself on the back when no one does. Treat yourself every once in a while. Do not be hard on yourself for every bad day. Do not stop learning but stop giving away your personal power by seeking validation outside.

With warmest wishes on Teachers’ Day and deep gratitude always,

Ruchira Ghosh Signature